South Devon Chilli Farm article

23 February 2015

South Chilli Farm

The South Devon Chilli Farm started in 2003 and they now grow over 10,000 chilli plants every year and harvest tons of fresh chillies which are used in a range of chilli sauces, preserves and chilli chocolate.

Among our favourites are the Chilli Jam, Fruit and Spice Chilli Chocolate, Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate and Smokey Chipotle Salsa.

Chillies are part of the capsicum family and come in a range of varieties and colours (green, yellow, orange and red) and are one of the most popular spices in the world.
Chillies can be used dried, fresh or powdered and the heat varies from type to type. As a general rule the smaller the chilli the hotter the taste. Each type has its own distinct flavour. To cool the mouth-burn from a hot chilli try milk or yoghurt, it’s much more effective than water.