Pyman Pate

Pyman Pate
Pyman Pate’s are traditionally handmade. The ingredients are Free Range and Gluten free and also contain no artificial flavourings, colourings and additives. The Pate’s have a guaranteed content of 60% which means they are not bulked out with other ingredients. Pyman Pate is based in Lifton, Devon and only uses the finest natural ingredients that the West Country can offer. Here are a list of Pate’s that can be found at Purely Devon Hampers:

Free-range chicken livers blended with Provence herbs - The herbs mingle to make this pate ideal as an elegant starter.

Free Range Duck Liver Pate with Orange & Cointreau - A traditional Pate made with free range duck liver infused with orange zest and Cointreau.

Wild Boar with Prune & Calvados Pate - A medium coarse pate with wild boar and Smokey bacon, infused with a sweet hint of prune followed by a good punch of Calvados.

Blue Cheese Pate with Apple Cider Chutney - A tasty blue cheese blended with cream, apple and cider chutney.

West Country Game Pate - A good hearty pate traditionally made from the finest West Country game.

Oak Smoked Salmon Pate - A traditional Smoked Salmon Pate, smooth, creamy, velvety with a squeeze of lemon juice and hint of black pepper.

Smoked Mackerel and Toasted Walnut Pate - Smoked mackerel, low fat cream cheese and toasted walnuts are carefully blended to give an aromatic flavoursome pate.

Which Pate would be your favourite accompaniment?


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