K Basterfield & Son

Ken Basterfield starting keeping bees as a hobby in 1974, fascinated by his hobby it rapidly grew to 100 beehives by the 1980’s, where his family, wife Maureen and son Daniel were brought in to help supply local health shops, tourist attractions and farm shops, while also winning many prestigious prizes at the local Devon county show.

Ken was an active member of the Plymouth and Devon beekeeping association, he also wrote articles and gave lectures on beekeeping. This culminated in being awarded a National Diploma in Beekeeping.

During the 1990’s when Daniel went to university, Ken and Maureen continued with their careers and beekeeping took a back seat. Until 2004 when Daniel was disillusioned with his career in IT and working in an office, decided to return and take up the reigns of his father’s hobby.

Daniel now works full time as a beekeeper and is steadily building up the hives to 300-400, producing a high quality honey and hive products.


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