Fishing in South Devon

Fishing in Devon is a large part of the region’s cultural heritage. It plays an important part in the life of the locals and many people have generations of fishermen in their families. For more information on the South West’s fishing history why not visit Brixham Heritage Museum or if you fancy having a go yourself here is a bit more information;

There are a variety of fish swimming in our seas these include mackerel, bass, Pollock, mullet and even conger eel, there are sea angling excursions which regularly leave Torquay, Brixham and Paignton. If you haven’t got your own kit there are plenty of shops locally to provide you with everything you need. Here are a few popular fishing places:

Princess Pier – Torquay. This is a fantastic place to fish ideal for families, the majority of people here float fish.

Hopes Nose – Torquay. This is where a lot of professional fisherman come, it is a mix of float fishing and bottom fishing. It is a very popular place all year no matter what the weather.

Elberry Cove – Paignton. This location is favoured by many for bottom fish like flounder and also spinning for Bass.

Brixham Breakwater – Brixham. This is a very popular place to fish, the last third of the breakwater offers the best fishing and both float fishing and bottom fishing can produce outstanding results.



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