Brendon Hills Crafts

Brendon Hill Crafts is run by Derek and Ruth De Maid, Ruth's father started the business over 30 years ago in the iron ore hamlet on the Brendon Hills in Somerset. He began with various crafts, cards, pictures, artwork (Ruth's father is a self-taught artist), fudge and a few preserves. Gradually the crafts fell by the wayside as preserves took over! Today, the business is almost entirely preserves. Derek and his wife took over about eight years ago and moved to new premises on the edge of Barnstaple, which luckily for us was in Devon.

They now produce a variety of handmade award winning preserves which are only available at various outlets in Devon and Somerset.

Their Raspberry Jam with Kirsch in our Christmas range was originally produced by Derek’s parents many years ago. The Kirsch is a cherry liqueur and really complements the raspberry very well. They won a Silver Award from Taste of the West in 2010 for this jam.

The Cranberry & Whortleberry Chutney also in our Christmas range was specifically made with Christmas in mind. The Whortleberry (Wild Bilberry) grows on the moorland around the country, although it is called various names in different areas - Whinberry in Wales, Blaeberry in Scotland, Bilberry generally, and Whortleberry on the moorland in the South West. Their original Cranberry Sauce was so popular at Christmas they felt there should be a way of combining the two fruits to make a really fruity chutney. This new combination can be served with cheese or cold meat, and is a good alternative to Cranberry Sauce with turkey. The result is a One-Star Gold Award winner from the Great Taste Awards in 2009!
Due to the popularity of their Raspberry Jam with Kirsch and the Cranberry and Whortleberry Jam we now stock several Brendon Hill preservers.


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